Simon S.


Founder & CEO,
The Condo Store Group of Companies (TCS)

Simon is the CEO and co-founder of The Condo Store Group of Companies (TCS), a leader in pre-construction real estate investments in North America. TCS has been serving its clients for more than 20 years and has been directly involved with sales of over $25 billion in the pre-construction condominium space.

Simon launched a ten-person boutique real estate investment firm in the early 2000’s that evolved into an internationally acclaimed niche investment firm that now proudly hosts over 50 team members and more than 375 sophisticated high-net-worth clients from around the globe.

Often recognized in Canada as the architect of the pre-construction condo investment sector, Simon has a reputation that spans across North America as the creator of volume pre-construction sales investing for qualified HNW individuals and families.  

TCS works with every client on their own specific needs and requirements. Each client that works with TCS directly owns their real estate in full and as such, transparency and control is always in the hands of the investors, as TCS doesn’t operate in the syndication or fund space.

Developers, hedge funds and private equity companies work with Simon and TCS through its win-win approach when it comes to creating and putting into motion an accelerated sell-out strategy for pre-construction projects. The TCS advantage for developers is a direct sales program prior to the official broker opening, with little or no publicity, for pre-construction projects that meet TCS’s stringent investment criteria. This program has seen 43% annualized ROI for TCS clients for almost two decades and continues to be one of the highest cash-on-cash real estate programs in the marketplace.

Simon has long-term relationships with hundreds of clients that include doctors, surgeons, and business professionals across Canada and the United States. These clients account for $500 million to $1 billion in annual investments in pre-construction condominiums.

Simon and TCS have and will continue to be major philanthropic players supporting many foundations and charities focused on Toronto (and soon, Miami) and the medical community. TCS is a proud supporter of the SickKids Foundation, who has been helping sick children in Canada since 1875. In addition, TCS is a long-time donor at St. Michael’s Hospital’s cutting-edge research programs and the first research program worldwide with a focus on clinical trials in heart and vascular surgery.  

Supporting the education of our next generation is paramount to TCS’s mandate of helping the leaders of tomorrow. In 2021, TCS started three (two post-secondary and one graduate) scholarships, partnering with Toronto Universities (Toronto Metropolitan, Guelph, and York) and is now working to have similar programs established at the University of Miami in 2024.

Simon and TCS are the go-to-professionals that continually educate and bring forth incredibly lucrative real estate investment opportunities in Toronto and Miami to doctors, surgeons and other professionals seeking safe harbor with bricks and mortar investments that will create capital appreciation for them and their families for years to come.