Antonia J.A. Hock & Associates

Antonia is a world-renowned expert in customer and employee experience, leadership, and building experience-based brands. Her career is rooted in delivering customer-centric service models for companies of all sizes, implementing game-changing employee culture, and innovating customer experiences, all with an emphasis on tangible results and lasting impact. She uses her high-energy, bold, and unapologetic style to help companies succeed through creating a relentless mindset of excellence and innovation. In both business and as an accomplished athlete and freestyle climber, Antonia champions sustainable processes and results, always emphasizing an actionable and goal-oriented approach.

Before founding Antonia J.A. Hock & Associates as an international consulting firm, Antonia spent six years as the Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. For the two decades prior to The Ritz-Carlton, Antonia held executive positions for demanding tech giants including Microsoft, HP and Siemens. She has led numerous organizational transformation projects for some of the world’s largest brands. Her multi-industry background in technology, hospitality and consulting has shaped her unique perspective and philosophy around creating exceptional customer experiences and building world-class employee culture. She holds a double bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies/Civilization & Political Science/Economics from Dartmouth College.